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BEFORE Surgery

Your Pre-Op Check List

Within 30 days prior to your surgery date:

  • Evaluation and Surgery Clearance from your PMD

  • Evaluation from the hospital Pre-Op Team

  • Cardiologist or other specialist clearance, if directed

  • Blood testing (including blood clotting tests)

  • Chest Xrays and possibly EKG

  • Urine lab tests

Within 7 days prior to your surgery date:

The day/night prior to surgery:

  • Do not eat/drink anything after midnight

  • Do not shave the area of surgery yourself

  • Can take Prescription Medications approved by PMD

  • Shower and clean the surgical area

  • Get prepared to stay in the hospital, even if you are planning on an outpatient surgery (bring all prescription medicine bottles, CPAPs, personal toiletries etc with you)

The morning of surgery:

  • Use prescription medicine as instructed by your PMD

  • May take sips of water up until 2 hours before surgery

  • Leave jewelry and valuables at home

  • Bring your ID/insurance information

  • Bring your radiology (MRI) computer discs and reports

  • Arrive promptly at the time and location directed by your hospital pre-op team

AFTER Surgery

Select your specific surgery for details of your anticipated road to recovery

Minimally Invasive Surgeries:

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